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All companies in Belgium are since recently obliged to keep a UBO register. Moreover, this register must always be up to date. We will help you so that your company fully complies with these new rules.


Avoid liability

It is the responsibility of the directors to keep the UBO register up to date. If the UBO register is not (accurately) kept, an administrative fine may be imposed of maximum 50,000€.

Enjoy the peace of mind

Let our experts assist you in fulfilling these obligations so that you can do what you do best: working on your business. We ensure that all UBO-related obligations are met.

UBO obligations at a glance

Registering the UBO(s) in the register

The company/association must identify its 'beneficial owner(s)' (they must always be natural persons), collect its information and then register them.

Updating the data

Each subsequent change of the data in the UBO register must be communicated to the UBO register within one month after (obtaining knowledge of) the change.

Annual confirmation of data

In any case, the data in the UBO register must be confirmed and/or amended annually.

Informing UBOs

In addition to collecting, registering and recording UBO information, companies/associations are also obliged to inform their UBOs about the registration process and their rights.

We do the UBO registration for you

Regardless of your type of company or association and whether it is a small or large company or association, we will help you.


We analyse who the UBOs are

On the basis of the information provided by you, our legal specialists will analyse who (and on what basis) the UBOs are of your company or association.

We register on the MyMinfin portal

Once the UBOs have been identified, we register all the necessary information on the MyMinfin portal.

Gespecialiseerde juristen

Reviewed by our legal specialists

The UBO analysis, registration and necessary documents are done and prepared by our legal specialists (graduated at i.a. Ghent University and Columbia Law School). Learn more

How does our solution work?

Three simple steps to comply with UBO obligations.


Give us some more information about your company or association

Fill in our form with all relevant information about your company or association, such as its shareholders or members and directors.


Geef ons een mandaat via het MyMinfin-portaal

Via the MyMinfin portal, you give us a mandate so that we can fill in the UBO-register in the name of your company or association.


We confirm the registration and give you a model form

We will confirm the successful registration as soon as we have been able to register the UBOs and finally we will give you a model document for the UBOs.


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What do our customers say?


"I found it rather complicated to check this myself and to register the beneficiaries on the government's website. MyUBO.be did all this for me and I liked the service very much."




“I am the sole shareholder of my company together with my wife. It is not difficult to check the UBOs of my company. Nevertheless, I found it super convenient that MyUBO.be was able to do everything so that I did not have to deal with it.”



Fair, simple prices for everyone

A fixed price for the registration of your UBOs.

One-time registration

excl. VAT

Identification of the UBOs

Registration in the UBO register

Model document informing the UBOs

Optional: annual confirmation in the register (95€/year)

Everything reviewed by our legal specialists

No solution? Money back!

Register my UBOs

Modify register


excl. VAT

Already registered your UBO's but a change needs to be made? We will help you make the changes in the register.


Is the solution offered by MyUBO.be legal?

Sure! FOD Finance indicates that it is possible to give a third party a mandate to do the UBO registration in the name and on behalf of a company or association. (read more here).


Will I get my money back if the UBO register cannot be reconstructed?

Ja. If for some reason we cannot register your UBO's, you will get your money back. In fact, we only charge you after we have completed the registration.

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